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Saturday, April 21, 2018

2018 A - Z Challenge - S

S     Things We Appreciate

Can you believe before the Stapler was invented, folks were sewing papers together? Not a day goes by that I don’t use mine for something.  I well remember the day I received my first lightweight Swingline. I was so used to the heavy old model that, upon first use, I actually whacked myself in the head with the lighter one ;-) We should have been suspicious when our daughter didn’t complain about the “No more nails in the wall” rule. What did she use instead? Yep, staples. 

Bookcases that slide or swing out, a trapdoor under an old kitchen table, I’ve been fascinated by Secret Passages since I first learned they existed. In fact, the President of Singer Sewing Machines built a castle on Dark Island, featuring an extensive network of them. And of course, there’s the Winchester House, which we know has at least one ;-) 

On the subject of passages, the one across the desert sands of Imperial Valley to the saline clutches of the Salton Sea is one that may always remain a mystery.
It’s been called “otherworldly” in reference to the unbelievable location of a 350 sq. mile area lake in the middle of an unbearably hot, barren desert between California and Mexico.   The reason for its presence there begs more questions than available answers. For example, we know it was most likely formed (centuries ago) due to shifting of the Andreas Fault beneath it, thereby placing it at the lowest point of what is called a “tectonic pull-apart basin.”  Water lines on nearby buttes show that flooding from the Colorado River filled this basin numerous times before a dam was built in 1907.

We also know that the Salton Sea is an endorheic – or closed – basin, meaning that other than seeping into the ground, or by evaporation, there is no natural drainage – or way out – for the water, as well as for, perhaps, a hapless Spanish Captain and his treasure-laden Galleon. (You may recall I mentioned Captain Itube on ‘Letter I Day’) The question is:  how did the Captain wind up stuck in the Salton Sea in the first place? This is where unsubstantiated timelines produce undefined answers as questions pop up like tadpoles in a mysterious, murky saline sea. Could there have been a mighty storm that forged a ship-sized passage? Possibly. Could that passage have dissipated in a matter of hours or days?  Not likely.  Wouldn’t the Galleon have been discovered when the basin was dry as a bone in 1860? It wasn’t.   Yet speculation still abounds.  If you’re interested, here’s an absorbing account of what was, and what became of the Salton Sea

Stay tuned on Monday, for a fable that reportedly flew out of this unfathomable lake in the desert!

Hug a Sibling and have a Happy Weekend!

Any thoughts? Can you add to the list of things we appreciate that begin with the letter S?


  1. Hi, diedre!

    Happy Saturday and "S" day to you, dear friend! That reminds me of The Saturdays, an English girl group I will be featuring soon on SDMM.

    I read that patents were awarded the same year, 1867, for both the stapler and the paper clip. I make heavy use of both. My mother owned a Singer sewing machine. I remember coming home from school to find her happily working at her sewing station in the basement.

    The Salton Sea holds many mysteries. On our cross country trip to California Mrs. Shady and I were in the vicinity but I never caught a glimpse. One thing's for sure. The region has its Faults. :)

    A few days ago I phoned my only sibling, my big brother, to wish him a happy 79th birthday. Next year I plan to run a blog post to celebrate his 80th. In it you will see never before published pictures of him and me taken circa 1952.

    Have a wonderful weekend, dear friend diedre!

    1. Hi Shady!

      Saturday! A day I always look forward to.

      I would also add Smiles - the kind you get from supportive friends ;-)

      "The region has its faults," Ha! Indeed.

      I don't doubt that paper clips would share the spotlight. I buy them in bulk ;-)

      I look forward to those Sensational blogs you speak of.

      Enjoy a Sunny day, my friend!

  2. Hi Diedre - love the sea and all things associated with it; sunshine ... Singer sewing machines - wonderful to own and use - cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary!

      You made me think of Seagulls ;-)
      And very necessary.
      It seemed that every household had a sewing machine, all I ever made was a Skirt (but there's another S!) Happy day!


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