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Friday, April 20, 2018

2018 A -Z Challenge - R

R     Things We Appreciate

White-water Rafting was not something I thought I’d ever do, until one day (under protest) I did. I gained a deep Respect that day, for those who do it often, and a valuable lesson on the merits of teamwork when navigating raging River rapids. It wasn’t until after that experience that I watched the movie “The River Wild” and found I still wanted to climb right out of the raft (or chair).

Aren’t Remote Controls great? I can recall being instructed to change the television channel “while I was up” whether I was or not. These days, depending on viewer attendance, control of the remote can be a real issue, but I imagine the first remote made by Zenith in the 50’s and called the “Lazy Bones”, was accepted with nothing short of Reverence, though it was connected to a wire attached to the television set across the room. The wireless “Flashmatic” remote, invented by Zenith engineer Eugene Polley was introduced just a few years later.

Long before plastic flamingos dotted lawns across mid-America, Rustic wagon wheels graced crude wooden gates or supported leaning fence posts across the windswept plains and scorching sands of the southwestern desert. We had more than one until the smaller of two rolled away in a Rainstorm. It’s interesting to note that during the uprisings against un-natural yard art in the 60’s, wagon wheels retained acceptable Repute. ;-)

Radio is yet another essence of long ago that I continue to appreciate. While it doesn’t quite pre-date the wagon wheel, it’s been keeping America informed and entertained for over a century. Whether driving, or working in the office, I like the suspense of not knowing what song they’ll play next, what Refreshing tidbit the announcer might impart, and hearing that a road is closed - before I get there.  Remember when you could call the radio station and request that a favorite song be played? 

Happy Blogging!

Any thoughts? Can you add to the list of things we appreciate that begin with the letter R?


  1. Hi, diedre!

    I never experienced white-water rafting. It is indeed a unique personal and team challenge that, upon successful completion, can have life changing benefits. I have not seen The River Wild, but raging rapids are the backdrop of two other pictures I have seen - the Western film River of No Return (1954) starring Robert Mitchum and Marilyn Monroe, and the 1994 TV movie White Mile starring Alan Alda in which a group of Mad Men negotiate the treacherous waters with disastrous consequences.

    Here's to Aretha Franklin's signature song "Respect." Men and women have been battling for control of the TV remote since the beginning of time. :)

    The picture of the rustic wagon wheel reminds me of the one my father salvaged from a mountainside while we were vacationing at a log cabin in Northern PA in the 50s. He brought the rusty old wheel home, cleaned it, sanded it, coated it with lacquer and placed it atop our room divider as a prominent decorating accent in our early American themed home. Our living room also featured a couple of painted milking cans obtained during visits to the nearby Amish farm communities.

    Top 40 radio played a major role in my development. Memories of great radio personalities of the past are shared in my ongoing Cruisin' series on SDMM and have inspired me to create a new series that will be unveiled this summer.

    Thank you very much for the lovely comment you wrote on SDMM yesterday as we remember Margaret Schneider. Her daughter Kathleen is replying to the comments this week and has responded to yours. Thank you again, dear friend diedre!

    1. Hi Shady!

      You've reminded me that Marilyn Monroe was also an actress ;-)

      Your dad was my kind of interior decorator!

      I thought you might appreciate the reference to radio ;-) I had in mind to insert a link a your hoppin' Music & Memories site, but allergies of late reduce me to an airhead sometimes...

      Ha! What a clever Aretha Franklin tie-in with Respect to remote control usage.

      Kathleen's heartfelt tribute to her Mother touched me in a way that little else has since my grandma passed away. Talking about is extremely healing, and I'm glad she did.
      Thank you, as always, dear Shady!

  2. Hi Diedre - can see the link with rustic wheels and Red River carts ... but I'd add roses - though I guess not a thing, but a wonderful living plant of many varieties. Rails around houses, roofs ... red paint ... these memories just remind us of times gone by ... cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary!

      Oh yes, roses, rails, roofs and red-barns! Who knew nostalgia came in so many colors or red? ;-) Thank you!


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