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Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Who Am I?

Welcome, all! You’re just in time for the monthly (1st Wednesday) on-line gathering of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, where you’ll find helpful tips, handy resources, the latest trends in publishing, and a comfortable place for hundreds of writers – just like you and I – to  share our writing journeys! 

Feel free to meander and mingle. Our gracious co-hosts this month are:

In a recent newsletter, Sci-Fi author and IWSG founder: Alex Cavanaugh, shared a cautionary post on the subject of writers voicing opinions on controversial issues and the possible effects of doing so while hoping the world will still love and buy your books. Having witnessed (along with the rest of the world) the devastating consequences of controversy, I agree with Alex on avoiding it altogether.

However, I do have one question: should the same precautions be taken with regard to a memoir? Do you dare tell generations to come that you always hated the holiday ham (not to be confused with Uncle Whoever) or that it was, in fact, Uncle Whoever who burned down the barn that fateful summer night? Of course, if you’ve been chronicling your life all along you have essentially recorded history; yours as you knew it. In attempting to write my own, and ghostwriting for others, I find there are contemporary constraints in recording life in retrospect. Should there really be an issue?

Of Quotable Note:

Wherever I go, I’m watching” ~ Richard Scarry; renowned children’s book author and illustrator would be 100 years old today!  You spell dessert with two “s”es cuz together they look like whipped cream!”  I still have a few of those Little Golden Books around the house. How about you?

Girl in the wind blowing wide open the closed doors of my life,” ~ Christy Brown Irish author and painter whose autobiography was made into the Academy Award-winning film “My Left Foot.” He would be 87 years old today!

Optional IWSG Question: “Of all the genres you read and write, which is your favorite to write in?”

That thankfully brief, and sometimes painful period in life; so often referred to as “coming of age” when one day a stranger stares back at you in the mirror. Parents won’t ever admit that this is the real ‘Stranger Danger’ they were afraid of (ha!), and you won’t admit you’re more afraid than they are. So, you soar headlong into the realm of uncertainty, through failing grades and heartaches, dust-ups and break-outs, learning to swim on a bicycle, until the day you recognize that face in the mirror as having been yours all along, you’d just been away for a time – absorbed in self-discovery.

Fun fact:

Editor Bennett Cerf challenged Dr. Seuss to write a story using no more than 50 different words. The result was: “Green Eggs and Ham”

Happy Writing!