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Wednesday, April 5, 2023

IWSG April 2023 Books on the Move

 Welcome readers, writers, authors, and bloggers!

We’re glad you’re here! It's the First Wednesday of the month; when we celebrate IWSG Day in the form of a blog hop featuring members and guests of the Insecure Writer's Support GroupFounded by author Alex Cavanaugh (Thank you, Captain!) and fostered by like-minded associates, IWSG is a comfortable place to share views and literary news from our perspective writing desks as we record our journeys. Check out the April newsletter here

Our awesome co-hosts this month are: Jemima Pett, Nancy Gideon, and Natalie Aguirre! Feel free to hop around and say hello to everyone!

The optional question for this month is: Do you remember writing your first book? What were your thoughts about a career path on writing? Where are you now and how is it working out for you? If you're at the start of the journey, what are your goals?

As I somewhat feverishly wrote my first book, I basically had a career, two part-time jobs, and a small family. Time for writing was tight, to say the least. Thus the adverb “feverishly”; you tend to write (and run and drive) faster when racing against time. I had written short stories for years. Yet a career in writing hadn’t entered my mind. But the book was different. From the moment the premise came to mind, I couldn’t wait to write it. What I wanted, desperately needed to do was get the all-consuming story out of my system. Once the story was finished, I realized it wasn’t ever leaving my “system” or my heart ;-)  And the idea of sharing what I write began to feel much less terrifying.

I’m finishing up my fourth (and likely last) book now. I continue to keep my weekly writing goals (700 words per week) ridiculously low in hopes of achieving them. Despite the busyness of tax season, my grammar app says I wrote 4400 words last month! I hope I’m not writing in my sleep ;-)

It’s National Bookmobile Day! Did you know Library Camels spend five (5) days a week delivering books in Kenya? Or that elephants deliver books in the hard-to-reach mountain regions of northern Thailand? Indeed they do! And you can read all about them (and others) in a book called “My Librarian is a Camel

“If you don’t like to read, you haven’t found the right book.” J.K. Rowling