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Saturday, February 27, 2016

My Life According To...A Musical Challenge!

Happy Saturday, Everyone! 

When my friend, your friend – everybody’s friend :-) and fellow blogger Debbie the Doglady first offered up this challenge a day or so ago, I was intrigued. And though an idea came instantly to mind, I kept pondering; what artist, which songs? 

Wouldn’t you know I’m right back where I started? With the exception of one thing: I’ll let you folks guess the artist! No worries, since my life is pretty much an open book, why should my life according to music be any different?  This’ll be a cinch, you’ll see ;-)

After all, I’m a fairly natural woman; shy but open to the point that people know I mean it when I say you’ve got a friend. Sometimes I feel I live so far away from the pulse of things it makes me all the more grateful for internet interaction.  Even as a kid I was given to taking pen and paper and wandering off way over yonder to spill whatever beans I had bubbling in my mind. City streets have always been a great escape and often as not, an excellent source of inspiration, along with my best friend, wishful thinking ;-) who never fails to help me see the sweet seasons whether it be the dead of winter or one fine day! And so it is that with every morning sun I awaken to an unfinished tapestry; confident in knowing I’ve yards to go where you lead before it is complete. I suppose I’d bristle if told it’s too late, baby, and might even offer up a little smackwater jack in response; as if the labyrinth of real and imagined could alter the fact that it’s gonna work out fine anyway! Lastly, if I must go, I’ll be standing in the rain with some kind of wonderful thoughts to take with me, but goodbye don’t mean I’m gone.

What a fun exercise! Swing by the Doglady’s Den for more lives according to a musical challenge!

So, did you guess the artist right off? Do you recognize or like any of the songs? How’d I do? I’d love to see your comments :-)

See you all Wednesday for IWSG!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Spooky and Spicy!

In case you’ve ever wondered if a ghost enthusiast can also be an accomplished children’s author, here’s Stephanie to show us how it’s done!

Spooky and Spicy: My Oddly Divergent Interests
by Stephanie Faris

I landed my agent with a tween series I wrote called Ghost Patrol. The series featured a group of tween ghost hunters. While working on the book, I took every opportunity possible to indulge my ghostly interests. I did ghost tours when we were on vacation, watched hours of Ghost Hunters, and even took a ghost-hunting class at the local community college.

I love ghost tours! Have you ever actually seen one?

Have I ever seen a ghost? No. I have no idea why I’m so fascinated with the afterlife…that fascination doesn’t extend to UFOs or government conspiracy theories. Just ghosts. The truly interesting part is that I am just as happy writing about nail polish and cupcakes as I would be penning a book with a supernatural plot.

Fascinating! Do you suppose it’s the same for all writers?

I guess we all have a wide variety of interests. A horror novelist might enjoy watching romantic comedies. I’ve known many romance novelists who were into shows like The Walking Dead. Maybe our minds need that contrast, since too much of something would lead to burnout.

True. Are there any down sides to contrast?

The only problem with having conflicting interests is that it makes it hard to be consistent with your blog. I can go from blogging about true crime or current events to commenting on the latest fashion trend. In fact, even though I’m fascinated with all things girly and love it in my fiction, I tend to want to write about spooky things or mysteries on my blog. That’s good for my readers, since I’m sure many people aren’t interested in reading about cupcakes three days a week.

Ha! Can’t argue with that. Thanks, Stephanie!

I’d be interested to hear if any others have odd interests. Knitting and deer hunting? True crime and baking? Home improvement and cosplay?

But wait, there’s more! Check out the cover reveal for Stephanie’s newest book in the Piper Morgan Series!

Pretty cool, huh? You can read all about the book at Kids+Books+Nature

Way to go, Stephanie!

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