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Wednesday, September 6, 2023

IWSG Sept 2023 12th Anniversary!


Welcome readers, writers, authors, and bloggers!

We're glad you're here! It's the First Wednesday of the month when we celebrate IWSG Day in the form of a blog hop featuring members and guests of the Insecure Writer's Support GroupFounded by author Alex Cavanaugh (Thank you, Captain!) and fostered by like-minded associates, IWSG is a comfortable place to share views and literary news as we record our journeys. Check out the September newsletter here.

Our awesome co-hosts this month are:   Sonia Dogra, J Lenni Dorner, Pat Garcia, Sarah - The Faux Fountain Pen, and Meka James!

Happy 12th anniversary, IWSG! I haven’t been around quite that long, but that doesn’t curb my enthusiasm ;-) Cyber hugs all around!

The optional question(s) for this month is: When did you discover the Insecure Writer’s Support Group, how do you connect, and how has it helped you?

My first IWSG post was on May 4, 2016. I talked in somewhat over-flowing prose about stalking my mail carrier for a response to a submission. I shared a quote by Malcolm Forbes about how failure is success if we learn from it. Then I unabashedly wrapped up with a transcribed embrace for all of us: “The surest thing you’ll ever know is when words still flow unfettered…”

As far as I can tell, July 6, 2016, was the very first official Optional Question of the Month. The question was: What’s the best thing someone has ever said about your writing?

My answer was that someone said I paint beautiful word pictures.  The compliment came from an author I deeply loved as a friend and respected as a mentor.  She’s gone now, but her words remain embedded in my heart, indelible proof that someone – and not just anyone – believed in me. I can’t adequately describe how heartening that was. Is. She might as well have been the one jogging behind me the first time I rode my bike without training wheels. The one who let go, knowing I’d be alright.

Encouragement instills confidence, which has everything to do with success. Members of IWSG already know these are just a couple of the many nouns we pass around like reassuring hugs. Inspiration is another. Join us and see for yourself!

I'm on the road today, dear friends. So I'll be just a little behind schedule on my visits ;-)