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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Scent of Morning

In the delicate breeze a hummer sways on a bud-dappled branch to the soothing sound of gently tapping bamboo tubes, and beneath a marbled sky of pink and powder blue the scent of morning pervades the air with promise and for the moment, one grandiose moment, I am supremely content.

As I’m dressed in a red he can’t resist, the hummer soon alights on my shoulder and ponders the words on my page, then perches hesitantly atop the pen as if, he too, has something to say. Doesn’t everything in nature? I embrace the occasions to listen, no matter how fleeting.

For all too soon, as I drained my first cup of coffee the wail of a distant siren threatened to shatter the enchanted moment, yet the hummer remained. Then came the muted buzz of an electric saw (we are all early-risers around here), and regrettably, yet most unavoidably, I sneezed (dang allergies!) and the hummer took flight with the moment in tow. Aw, well. But I was left with a line of a song in my heart “The feeling remains even after the glitter fades…” ~ Stevie Nicks.  Yes, the feeling remains!

Don’t you just love a day that starts out great? I feel as if I can conquer anything and so much more, I just had to share! What’s your idea of a great start?

"We all need reminders to be our own dreamer and step out of the stories we create. I never turn away an opportunity to see life from this different perspective, to spend a moment walking with wings."

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Essential Essences

Today I’m sending a ‘Shout Out” to RJ whose recent blog inspired me to consider the necessary essences of my own writing journey. 

Beginning with a brief stint as a backyard Swing-singer, the Desire to write, compose, embellish (good thing I didn’t choose journalism), and engage has always been within me; the only requirement being Inspiration, which is what I always assumed the elders meant when they said I was “full of it”.

But the Encouragement was--and always is--good for keeping my Determination at an optimum level for reaching at least half of the insanely ridiculous goals I set for myself.  Tenacity is something I find I have to work at; seeing it through, don’t give in or up just because it’s challenging.  This is where the all- important Guidance comes in; I sure couldn’t get along without it. I enjoy instructional seminars and refresher courses, mentors, coaches, and tips from knowledgeable bloggers like ChrysFey and Quanie Miller  because with guidance comes the Confidence in knowing you’ll do your best from having learned from the best,  and that’s when Courage escorts you to success with the Pride you deserve for a job well-done.  And lastly, Books; books to last a lifetime! I think I’ve got that covered!
As far as Bare Essentials, I’d be the first to say you’ve got to have your keyboard; laptop, PC, or whatever. But I learned an interesting  thing about myself when my computer crashed (I was sure I would perish right along with it) and during the excruciating amount of time it took to repair/replace, I found myself with pen in hand; staring at a blank notebook page, and proceeded to fill twenty-eight pages—non-stop! 

What are the essentials of your journey?

“Poetry creates the myth, the prose writer draws its portrait.”
- Jean-Paul Sartre

Monday, February 9, 2015

How Could You?

We’ve all heard it “If your friend jumped off a cliff,” or something to that effect.  And of course we wouldn’t.  Well, maybe just once. 

By ten o’clock heat waves already rippled above the blacktop track on a sweltering morning in early May when the annual statewide relay competitions were being held at our school. It didn’t take long to realize that facing the glaring sun was the wrong side of the track to be on, so my friends quickly dashed across the track to the infield while I stood undecided. Could I make it across before the race began?  “Sure you can!” they coaxed. Half way across someone screeched “Hurry!” just as the human equivalent of a freight train flattened me like a penny into the steaming asphalt.  By the time the angry runner had recovered his shoe and his dignity (mine was embedded in the blacktop), my friends had dragged me to the infield; shielding me from his wrath amid peals of raucous laughter. 

From that day forward I’ve looked at hesitation in a whole new light. In its own way it’s a lot like being impetuous, either one can get you killed—ha! But hesitation allows for reflection; did I really want to cross that track in the first place? Not really. It was a lesson well-learned.

Oddly enough, from time to time I’m still asked that question, “How could you…” except now it’s regarding sharing my work—at  My reply is always:  How could I not? More than money, fame or the sheer satisfaction of penning the contents of your heart and way above all else, writers write to be read. Don’t you?

That’s not to say that we should share that epic novel we’ve been honing in a closet for years—some  intrepid agent is bound to pick it up one day—but the teaser tidbits; the little gems in between that offer sparkling insight into the author of the next best-seller, those are the ones to share while you’re waiting.  And what better way to get feedback on what your readers enjoy?

Speaking of feedback, we’re (including me!) looking for Beta Readers at Streampebbles!
So, anyone else care to share a lesson well-learned? How did it affect your writing journey? How do you feel about sharing?