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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Watchful Eyes

Welcome Readers and fellow Writers, to the March 2019 online meeting of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group! Founded by author Alex Cavanaugh and comprised of writing members just like you (and me), featuring writing tips, resources, articles, contests, and IWSG swag! See what we’re all talking about here and join us as we share our writing journeys.
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               Oh – and this month’s Newsletter is a must-read for everyone!

Happy 65th day of 2019! Only 300 days left to finish writing those novels.

Have you ever had one of those months you just wanted to tear off the calendar and shred into confetti-sized pieces? Having done so, I feel better now ;-) But, I sure missed visiting my blogging friends, and have yet to get back to any semblance of a writing routine, though I have managed to do some reading. Next best thing, right? 

After finishing two books and starting another, I decided to check the inbox reserved exclusively for all things ‘writing’ and managed to rekindle at least a partial sense of belonging in a summer pool on opening day. By the way, the weather here is beautiful, now. I hope it is where you are too.

Anyway, Publishing Trends always provides insightful articles of interest such as:
Publishing as it currently relates to reaching the reluctant reader. While this may present a difficulty for traditional publishers, I think technology today provides a somewhat independent curatorship we as writers can certainly take advantage of. Kim Briggs suggests things we may have already figured out here.

“Substantially all ideas are secondhand” Mark Twain consoled, in a letter to his friend Helen Keller on the subject of her first book and subsequent fall from literary grace for (gasp!) plagiarism. To be fair, she was only 11 years old when she wrote “The Frost King” but it’s easy to honestly (cryptomnesia) do, nearly impossible to prove, and, as Helen Keller replied “I have ever since been tortured by the fear that what I write is not my own,” Gulp. Careful out there, folks. 

Now that I’ve seen how terribly realistic they look, I’ll not be employing the Fake Snake idea I talked about last month. I couldn’t bring myself to touch one ;-) Instead, I’m considering an Owl box as a more natural form of pest control. I think this guy pictured on the left had taken a wrong turn the day he stopped to watch me at my desk, but I wouldn’t mind if he returned. I accomplished a good amount of writing under his watchful eye ;-)

“I dream of painting and then I paint my dream” ~ Vincent Van Gogh

 If you were to send a message in a bottle what would you say?