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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Come Again?

Welcome Readers and fellow Writers, to the May 2019 online meeting of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group! Founded by author Alex Cavanaugh and comprised of writing members just like you (and me), featuring writing tips, resources, articles, contests, and IWSG swag! See what we’re all talking about here and join us as we share our writing journeys.

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Happy May Day, Lei Day, International Workers Day, and congratulations to all who survived the April 2019 A to Z Challenge!

It’s “Get Caught Reading Month” Will you? I’m reading my fifth book of the year so far. I haven’t started writing anything new yet, though I am plowing through my WIPs like a champ. So far, so good ;-)

The world is full of new ideas with prevailing meanings:

I’m not sure what to think of cover re-designing – after your book has been published. Has anyone had any experience with that? 

While enlisted in the military during WWII, Joseph Keller discovered a troubling paradox involving the subject of insanity with regard to he and his fellow bombardiers; which inspired his novel “Catch 22” the eventual success of which exceeded that of his later works to the point that when critics asked why he hadn’t written a second best-seller, he responded wryly: “Who has?”  

Well, there was Orson Welles who, after convincing every listener that New Jersey had indeed been attacked by Martians in the radio drama “War of the Worlds” went on to write “Citizen Kane” a critically acclaimed Box Office bust; which ultimately defied all dismal odds, and in 2011 released its 70th Anniversary Blu-ray edition.

“The day will come when our silence will be more powerful than the voices you are throttling today” ~ August Spies 1886 - As true now, I think, as it was then, though for different reasons.

IWSG Optional Question of the Month:

“What was an earlier experience where you learned that language had power?”

The power of the spoken word clicked for me the first time I realized how much quicker you receive what you ask for by merely saying “please” how rewarding a simple “Thank you” feels, and the healing effects of “I’m sorry.”

Raised in a home of avid readers, it wasn’t long before I followed suit and was immediately enamored with the notion of relatively private entertainment or instruction obtained through written language; words intentionally assembled to describe, enlighten, entrance or forewarn – What a concept!   I still feel that way, and I guess that’s why the practice of changing (except in good-natured jest) the time-honored meanings of words at random or whim seems so disrespectful. Especially for writers who strive so hard to get it right. Can you imagine today’s definition of snowflakes dropping softly to the ground near a grand woke oak throwing shade on a hangry squirrel? It’s enough to crash a GOAT grammar app! I don’t even want to think about what my human editor would say.

Moving along…

Do you have a special Mother’s Day tradition? I’m thinking of proposing a couple for our family. Perhaps a Family Comic Strip? A Lip-synch Tea Party? A backyard Bug Safari? (These ideas all came from   I suspect my family could use a break from playing Bingo every year ;-)

Have a wonderful month of May!