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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

IWSG December 2022 Roses in December


Welcome readers, writers, authors, and bloggers!

We’re glad you’re here! It's the First Wednesday of the month; when we celebrate IWSG Day in the form of a blog hop featuring all of the members of the Insecure Writer's Support Group. Founded by author Alex Cavanaugh (Thank you, Captain!) and fostered by like-minded associates, IWSG is a comfortable place to share views and literary news from our perspective writing desks as we record our journeys. Check out the December newsletter here

Our awesome co-hosts this month are:  Joylene Nowell Butler, Chemist Ken, Natalie Aguirre, Nancy Gideon, and Cathrina Constantine!   Feel free to hop around and say hello to everyone!

The optional question for this month is: It's holiday time! Are the holidays a time to catch up or fall behind on writer goals?

December is such a busy month I try not to have any writing goals – per se. But naturally, there are lists to make, misplace, and find the day before Christmas when they are no longer useful. There are holiday cards – and letters! Does anyone write those lengthy chronicles of everything that happened in your neck of the woods for the last year? I receive one every year and thoroughly enjoy reading about life on the outskirts of Saskatchewan. My one and only response was promptly returned, stamped ADDRESS UNKNOWN. Hmm… [Dear Sam, bless your heart, if by some wrinkle in time (get it?) you’re reading this, keep the letters coming and call me. The number is still the same.] But, honestly,

“How did it get so late so soon?” ~ Dr. Seuss

While there’s no shortage of inspiration this time of year, it helps to have an empty First Thing (next year) basket handy for ideas you can’t yet get to ;-) So far, there’s only one message in my basket:



Have you ever gone caroling? Do you decorate much for the holidays?


Merry Christmas, everyone!