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Monday, May 7, 2018

2018 A - Z Challenge - Reflection - Say Cheese!

Let’s be honest, after publishing your final A – Z Challenge post on the morning of April 30, 2018, who didn’t breathe a sigh of relief, dance a little jig, or flash an irresistible grin at your reflection in a mirror? I can’t think of a more enjoyable and satisfying way to sharpen your writing skills than through social engagement, can you?  And who, besides me, is already thinking about next year’s challenge?  Congratulations, Survivors!

Congratulations, as well, to everyone who attempted the challenge but for some reason didn’t finish. The challenge of writing every day can seem formidable; given life’s propensity for interference at times, but all it takes is a toe in the water to decide you want to get your feet wet. Next thing you know, you’ll be swimming!

My theme this year was Things We Appreciate, but in reflection, I’m compelled to mention the people behind the concept:  Arlee Bird (founder and blogger extraordinaire), as well as congenial and gifted assistants such as John Holton and J Lenni Dorner who do so much to make this annual event such a success!  

For anyone who may be harshly judging themselves by the number of visitors and/or comments they receive, I offer this (loosely) coined phrase by Ben Jonson (playwright and poet) “Happiness consists not in the multitude of friends but in a few well chosen.”  And while the Challenge has ended, the blogs (and bloggers!) remain – go visiting!

Personally, I find the timing of the A to Z Challenge to be an added bonus as nature provides an incentive in springtime inspiration to keep on blogging, keep on writing, don’t you? Were your fingers restless when it was over? Good! We’ll be seeing you around, then ;-)

In closing, I’ll share a fun fact I learned while camping with kids one year - Wintergreen Lifesavers visibly spark in the dark…but so does any hard (sugar) candy when crunched ;-)

Happy Trails this summer!

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

IWSG - Be Your Own Hero

Welcome Writers! And a Happy Creative Beginnings Month to everyone! 

There is so much to celebrate this month, and not the least of which is today, and here’s why:   Take a look around our awesome group by clicking the links below and check out the extensive list of writing tips and resources offered by the Insecure Writers Support Group, founded by Alex Cavanaugh, right here and right now on this first Wednesday of the month, when IWSG members convene through blogging, Facebook, and Twitter to talk about whatever is on our writing minds and agendas. See what we’re all talking about here

As for me:

I successfully completed my third April A – Z Challenge! In addition, I wrote four chapters for a memoir project, and two newsletters. Through it all I asked myself only once if perhaps I’d overestimated my own capabilities, and who’s going to care if I do or if I don’t? That’s when my inner-voice whispered, “Be your own hero; it’s worth it.” So I did, and it was. ;-) It’s been an exhilarating month! 

On behalf of the young companions I’ve had since school has been interrupted, tomorrow is Two Different Colored Shoes Day, and we hope you’ll all be inspired! I think I’ll just Get Caught Reading a Mystery ;-)

Happy Springtime Writing!