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Wednesday, May 1, 2024

IWSG May 2024 Dealing with Distractions


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The awesome co-hosts for this month’s posting of the IWSG are Victoria Marie Lees, Kim Lajevardi, Nancy Gideon, and Cathrina Constantine!

 Today’s entirely optional question: How do you deal with distractions when you are writing? Do they derail you?

May is “Get Caught Reading Month,” and I don’t mind that at all. I’ve already read 18 books so far this year, though that’s a little behind the norm for me ;-) How many have you read so far?

I don’t get derailed, per se. But I do get distracted. Especially when a scam caller calls back after I hung up on him – to apologize for being disconnected. Or when the washer gets off-balanced and threatens to waddle noisily out of the laundry room like it has someplace else to be.

Part of my process is writing quick paragraphs about characters, scenes, or the storyline in general to expound on and refer to as the story comes to life. With advanced notice of a pending distraction (not to be confused with disaster, like that time the dog dragged the garden hose in through the dog door – while the water was on), I sometimes have the foresight to jot down my train of thought before I dash away from my desk. Once, I drove myself crazy for more than a week, wondering about the significance of five letters strung together in a desperate attempt to spell something. “Foonk” remained a mystery until my daughter reminded me she used that “word” for a plastic spoon/fork combination she used for meals in her highchair way, way back in the day. Of course! Where I left off in the story, a member of a homeless camp had been ‘caught’ with a camping tool that had every utensil a person might want to use at mealtime at your fingertips. One man’s dangerous weapon is another man’s foonk ;-)

So, how’s your journey going?

I love springtime!