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Friday, May 7, 2021

Blogging A to Z - Reflection


Congratulations, Blogging A to Z survivors!

By mid-March, I had a complete alphabetical list of “Common (Communal) Places” you might find readers, all of which I planned to visit (virtually) for this 2021 Blogging A to Z Challenge. This was going to be easy – and so much fun, I thought. During the last week of March, I was already writing posts – well ahead of the game. Until the letter G. 

Upon returning to a website I’d checked out weeks earlier, I discovered that in this perfectly turbulent era, the bookshop was (now) “CLOSED INDEFINITELY” Uh oh. In order to recommend these places, they ought to be accessible, open to the public, or still in business at the very least. I had some further investigating to do. 

I made a ton of phone calls, many of them delightfully memorable. One such call was me saying, “Hi! You’re open!” to which came the sleepy reply, “Let me get my pants on, and we will be,” Aren’t those Mom and Pop shops the best?  I paid more attention to time zones after that ;-)

All in all, I had a blast! The Scavenger Hunt (a fabulous idea!) was also fun. I hope this is offered next year – no, how about from here on out! That way, I can concentrate on finding more than eight items ;-)  Less Beaten Paths, Crackerberries, The Other Side, Weekends in Maine, and What a Journey had the items I found. Often, the blogs I read were so good I forgot to notice if they contained a hidden treasure.  I can’t wait to read where all the rest were hidden.

Big hugs and many thanks to Arlee Bird, founder of this sensational challenge, and J Lenni, Captain of the challenge, for checking in on me!  This was by far the least expensive shopping spree I’ve ever been on, but I did pick up a t-shirt ;-)

Happy blogging, everyone!