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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Essential Essences

Today I’m sending a ‘Shout Out” to RJ whose recent blog inspired me to consider the necessary essences of my own writing journey. 

Beginning with a brief stint as a backyard Swing-singer, the Desire to write, compose, embellish (good thing I didn’t choose journalism), and engage has always been within me; the only requirement being Inspiration, which is what I always assumed the elders meant when they said I was “full of it”.

But the Encouragement was--and always is--good for keeping my Determination at an optimum level for reaching at least half of the insanely ridiculous goals I set for myself.  Tenacity is something I find I have to work at; seeing it through, don’t give in or up just because it’s challenging.  This is where the all- important Guidance comes in; I sure couldn’t get along without it. I enjoy instructional seminars and refresher courses, mentors, coaches, and tips from knowledgeable bloggers like ChrysFey and Quanie Miller  because with guidance comes the Confidence in knowing you’ll do your best from having learned from the best,  and that’s when Courage escorts you to success with the Pride you deserve for a job well-done.  And lastly, Books; books to last a lifetime! I think I’ve got that covered!
As far as Bare Essentials, I’d be the first to say you’ve got to have your keyboard; laptop, PC, or whatever. But I learned an interesting  thing about myself when my computer crashed (I was sure I would perish right along with it) and during the excruciating amount of time it took to repair/replace, I found myself with pen in hand; staring at a blank notebook page, and proceeded to fill twenty-eight pages—non-stop! 

What are the essentials of your journey?

“Poetry creates the myth, the prose writer draws its portrait.”
- Jean-Paul Sartre


  1. Thanks for the shout, Diedre! Good list, and you really took me back on that last one. I actually write a lot quicker and better with paper and pen than on the PC. When I used to work and didn't want to type on the work pc, I would write my stories out by hand to type out later. But, good for you that you know your motivators.

    1. You betcha! ;-) I agree, the pen in hand from whence the heart drips releases a soulful stream. Now all I need is a translator to decipher my gawd-awful handwriting! :-)

  2. My essentials are coffee, my laptop, quiet time to daydream, and a support system. Otherwise, I don't know where I'd be!

    1. Sounds like all the right ingredients to me! Daydreaming is definitely an essential - thanks for adding that!


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