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Wednesday, April 27, 2022

A to Z Blogging Challenge - W


A to Z April (2022) Blogging Challenge


Hello, dear readers!

I’d like to thank you all in advance for stopping by, and I hope that at least a few on my list of remarkable buildings pique your interest as they did mine.

“Design is not a coincidence or a formula; it is a result of human reflection and vision in response to a specific challenge.” ~ Unknown



Wayfarer’s Chapel

The design of this place of worship may seem familiar, even similar to the one I showcased for the letter “H,” but there’s more to it than that, as this chapel was designed by architect Lloyd Wright (son of famed American architect Frank Lloyd Wright).

While in keeping with his father’s love of glass, Wright departed from the traditional use of masonry in order, he said, “to achieve a delicate enclosure that allows the surrounding landscape to define the sacred space.” Placing his unique design on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean further compliments an already breathtaking effect.

Also known as “The Glass Church,” it is a popular choice for weddings and movie and television series settings. In addition, the American a cappella group, Pentatonix recorded a music video there in 2020.

If ever there was a perfect place to find – or lose yourself, this has to be it. Can you imagine the view from the pews? Would you visit? Have you been?



  1. Hmmm.... All that glass makes it too easy for God to look in and see what you're really up to.

    ~ D-FensDogG

  2. Hi Diedre - what an amazing place ... I'd love to visit ... but I do note D-FensDogG's comment! Also good to know about Lloyd Wright Jr - Cheers Hilary

    1. I'd do well just to visit as the view might distract me from the service ;-)


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