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Monday, April 2, 2018

2018 A -Z Challenge - B

B       Things We Appreciate

Originally created by Earle Dickson as a means to treat the small wounds his wife frequently sustained in the kitchen, the idea was quickly embraced by Earle’s employer, Johnson & Johnson and Band-Aids have, for the most part, remained unchanged for the last century. However, when sales margins declined after the first few years, Johnson & Johnson then offered them free of charge to the Boy Scouts and overseas military as a (successful) publicity stunt and began decorating the product with childhood icons in order to appeal to children. I just replenished my requisite household stock of two (undecorated) boxes.

Mrs. Dickson (Earle’s wife) may well have appreciated the Blender as much as I do ;-)  First introduced as a “Liquefier” and primarily used in bar and soda shop settings, this handy kitchen gadget has come a long way from ice cream and citrus to include processing food and grinding coffee. There’s one such built-in gadget on my counter that frankly, scares me half to death. But I do appreciate its existence ;-)

We like our panoramic views of the Southwest, and we don’t care much for fencing we can’t see through. But in order to keep the cattle from wandering, something had to be done. Therefore, we run a lot of barbed wire.  If you’ve ever tried to step over, under, or through a barbed wire fence, you know why blue Jeans are a necessity. Oh, you still might feel a jab, but it’s nothing a good old Band-Aid can’t help ;-)

Of possible interest to anyone who’s ever worried about having too many jobs on their resume, there is one forever young woman who boasts over 130 different careers and has even traveled in space a time or two! She goes by the name of Barbie. Worth only $3.00 at her first ‘job’ in 1959, she now earns anywhere from $20 to $17,000.00, depending on date, condition, occupation, and retailer. How’s that for marketability?

Introduced initially as Beano until one excited player accidentally hollered ‘Bingo’,  96% of all players have won this game at least once, which might explain why I like it so much ;-) In the early 30’s, churches circumvented state gambling laws by offering Bingo (along with Potluck) as a way of fundraising; further increasing the game’s popularity.  These days, playing the game is encouraged in many retirement/nursing homes as a means of social and mental sharpness therapy. But alas, the availability of internet Bingo may be responsible for a shortage of Bingo Halls nationwide.

Fortunately, when we don’t require social therapy, there are always Books for intellectual enhancement, as well as immense enjoyment! Toss in the soothing sound of Bamboo chimes or birdsong, and I’m a happy reader ;-)

Any thoughts? Can you add to the list of things we appreciate that begin with the letter B?


  1. Hi, diedre!

    Bingo, dear friend! This A To Z series of yours is delightfully educational as well as nostalgic.

    When I was a boy I wore Band-Aids as a fashion statement even if there was no cut to cover. I put them on my legs and arms to make myself look more rugged and athletic.

    "The grass is always greener"... and I well remember squeezing through barbed wire fences to get to the other side (where I typically discovered that the proverb is nothing but bull :) . Remember Pamela Anderson in the title role of the action thriller Barb Wire?

    I don't think Barbie should boast about having over 130 different careers. It simply means she can't hold a job. :)

    I have played bingo a few times in my life, love that "new book smell" and the sounds of bamboo chimes and birdsong.

    Happy "B" day to you, dear friend diedre!

    1. Hi Shady!

      Band Aids have come a long way, haven't they? I remember when peeling them off hurt more than the wound itself ;-)

      I learned the hazards of barbed wire the same day I learned how surprisingly fast bulls can run when they want to.

      I love that "new book" smell as well ;-)

      Cheers to Bingo!

  2. Howdy, dIEDRE!

    I feel like you should have mentioned 'BEANIE'S BACKYARD', but you didn't. (You'd have scored points for the ol' "Double Bhammy" if you had.) So I did.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. Oh, yeah... "Battle Of The Bands", too. Double Bhammy for ME.

      (UHP! I'M AN IDIOT!!)

      ~ D-FensDogG
      'Loyal American Undergrond'

    2. Aw, thanks for mentioning Beanie, Reno. You're such a friend ;-)

      I just went by your battle - things are really hopping over there!

  3. Hi Diedre - Buttons - an early essential ... but now can be beautiful as well as utilitarian ... but your suggestions are all so useful. Books as you mention could never be left off or out - cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary!

      Gosh, yes - Buttons! We had jars of them in every size and color ;-)


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