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Monday, March 30, 2015

New Streetcar, Old Pueblo

As I write, it’s a glorious Sunday morning out here in the desert; a slight breeze rustles the pages of my as yet untouched newspaper and the coffee seems especially good, as I reflect on the events of the past week and contemplate the possible variables of the week ahead.

We’d planned it for months and finally got around to doing it; an inquisitive writer’s adventure, one might say. Though it was curiosity that compelled us, it was our determination that nearly got us Three Amigas in trouble when we took our first, much anticipated Streetcar ride through the Old Pueblo last week.

Honestly, who could resist investigating the roughly two hundred million dollar, 3.9 mile trolley system; the subject of endless debate? Not us.

Well aware of recent revelations of the streetcar having fifty percent more riders than payers, we were diligently huddled around the ticket box trying to figure out how to purchase our passes when the streetcar swooped to a stop beside us and the doors swished invitingly open. We hopped right on in a hurry and the trolley began to move before we were seated.

Knowing we’d spontaneously committed a streetcar crime, we exchanged nervous glances. Would we Three Amigas make the headlines in the coming days? Gulp. It wasn’t long before we knew our fate.
Long about the Mercado District; one of the oldest inhabited regions in North America, the streetcar slid to a stop, the glass doors of the driver’s cab slid open with a sinister hiss and a colossal man emerged with a booming voice that could probably be heard two districts over. He asked if everyone aboard had passes. It was easy to assume he was talking to us as we were the only remaining riders, but Ah, funny you should ask, immense one…  I feared we were toast.

But “Kyle” turned out to be quite congenial and informative after he’d guided us through the task of purchasing passes, and the remainder of the trip was rather enjoyable.

I’m fairly certain it was the exhilaration of the streetcar adventure and a wonderful ‘Girls Day Out’ that has prompted me to do something else out of the norm;
I’ve signed on to the Blogging from A to Z April 2015 Challenge! Hope to see you all there!

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