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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tagged in a Blog Hop!

 It must have been that old loose-lipped lizard who let slip that I could use some prodding in the blogging department. Consequently, I was recently, most graciously tagged by Denise Stanley , of whom I am a faithful follower, to take part in a Blog Hop by answering four questions. Thanks, Denise!
1.     What am I currently working on?
Two or three short stories for children (per month), three grown up stories; one half-finished mystery and two completed paranormal stories being polished for submission. I’m in the final stages of cover design for a middle-grade book and currently scouting for an editor for a full-length novel for young adults.

2.     How does my work differ from others of its genre?
No matter the genre, my work is typically comprised of human emotions in response to simply experiencing the unpredictable journey of life .A great deal of nature is included for good measure and because it matters to me ;-), but you won’t often see much technology; my characters rarely ever use a phone!

3.     Why do I write what I write?
It depends on how I feel. If I write a tragic poem it’s because I’m anguished. When I write for children I am in that wondrous, all too fleeting time of discovery, of soaring hopes and blooming dreams. I guess my grown up stories speak for themselves; I’m a little complicated!

4.     How does my individual writing process work?
Since story ideas pop into my head at any given time, I carry pen and paper constantly. I may jot down a sentence, scribble a paragraph or underline a single word and thus begins the process. Only trouble is I tend to always have a title in mind, right from the start, which on more than one occasion has threatened to limit the boundaries of the characters who’ve already taken ownership of the story. In such instances I have to remind myself that after all, I do have the option of changing my mind!

In order to keep the hop going, I am to tag two other writers to answer the same questions. I have chosen:

Please take the time to stop over and say hello, I’m sure you’ll enjoy them and this is a terrific opportunity to meet and greet other Bloggers and Writers!

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