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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Sneaky Inception

Only a week ago the holiday season was the last thing on my mind, and rows and rows of Halloween costumes, décor and candy in the stores by mid-September hadn’t garnered more than an eye-roll. 

But morning splashed the clouds today in sparkling chardonnay, as bats dashed under eaves to claim the humble timeshares relinquished by droves of feathered cousins engaged in harmonious daybreak revelry.  And in the air the crispness, the unaccustomed dew, brought to mind the notion of long sleeves and pumpkin pie and I knew. I knew the time was now, that change had finally come to soothe the relentless heat of summer days and endless sultry nights, transforming our yards into beckoning havens of barbeques and outdoor delights. 

As I finished my first cup of coffee, excitement began to grow. The holiday season upon us and I had so much left to do! Foregoing a second cup, I headed for the ‘rows and rows’; reminders I’d ignored, and found to my dismay—Christmas on display! 

As a consummate one-stop shopper, I avoid a multiple store shopping excursion the way I do a steaming cow pie, providing I haven’t waited too long to shop on-line.  In this case I’m in luck, with plenty of time to order for December festivities and nothing left to do but work and write and wonder how in the world could a season I so anxiously await arrive so sneakily?

Perhaps a couple of inquisitive characters in MaxwellMadalot could explain how one can get so caught up in the here and now that tomorrow is unthinkable.

Is weather a trigger for your holiday excitement? And once hooked, will tantalizing aromas waft from your kitchen?

Many thanks to Liz Shaw for the prompt!

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