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Wednesday, May 4, 2022

IWSG May - Highs and Lows

Welcome readers, writers, authors, and bloggers!

We’re glad you’re here! It's the First Wednesday of the month; when we celebrate IWSG Day in the form of a blog hop featuring all of the members of the Insecure Writer's Support Group. Founded by author Alex Cavanaugh (Thank you, Captain!) and fostered by like-minded associates, IWSG is a place to share the fabulous views and exciting news that occurs along our fascinating writing journeys. Check out the May newsletter here.  Perusing the many tips and resources offered here is definitely worthwhile and highly rewarding, so pull up a comfy chair, or better yet -  join us!

Our awesome co-hosts for this month's posting of the IWSG are:  Kim Elliott, Melissa Maygrove, Chemist Ken, Lee Lowery, and Nancy Gideon!

This month’s optional question is:  May 4 question - It's the best of times; it's the worst of times. What are your writer highs (the good times)? And what are your writer lows (the crappy times)?

I am happiest when I’m writing. I’m even happy when stuck at a pivotal crossroads; one make-or-break decision away from almost home (The End) or following a path to the second half of a burgeoning novel. Either way is fine with me ;-)

Rejection is always a bummer. But scams are worse. They leave you feeling lower than dirt. Question everything, and be safe out there folks.

It’s Children’s Book Week! Have you one you’d like to mention? Do you have a childhood favorite?

Do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

Don’t forget to call your mom on Sunday ;-)

Have an A-May-zing month of May! 

It's a Beautiful Day


  1. Thanks for reminding us of all the fun celebrations right now. My highs are the same as yours.

    1. Hi, Natalie!
      I enjoy the month of May for that very reason ;-)
      Wishing us both a month of happy writing!

  2. There are a lot of scams out there all right.

    1. Good thing I question everything:
      Where is this going? How long will it take?
      Will there be food? (kidding)

  3. I work 12-hour shifts the day of and the day after Cinco de Mayo, so no margaritas for me! LOL Thanks for the Mother's Day reminder. :)

    1. Hi Melissa!
      Sounds grueling! Perhaps you can celebrate - after you sleep for a week;-)

  4. Scams are the worst. It's discouraging to see our fellow writers being taken advantage of. My cynical self questions everything and trusts no one in that department.

    Hubs loved his Margaritas, so Cinco de Mayo was a thing at our house.

    1. Indeed, and as I generally keep a low profile, quite unexpected. Easy enough to have avoided extortion. Not so easy to convince a disappointed young fan that pranks are played and people are mean at any age. Sigh. This too shall pass.
      Cheers to Cinco de Mayo!

    2. And thank you for co-hosting!

  5. Being taken advantage of in a scam is a fear of mine. I suppose it's why I'm a skeptical person.

    1. Hi, Kim!
      Keeps us on our toes, for sure ;-)
      Thank you for co-hosting!

  6. Your delight in simply the act of writing nourishes me!

  7. I'm so glad you've found solace in writing :)

    1. I can't imagine anything more soothing - or satisfying ;-)

  8. Being stuck at a pivotal crossroads is one of my lows. I can stay stuck on one of those for weeks.

    At least we can agree on the lows caused by rejections.

    1. Hi Ken!

      Just remind yourself that, while you may feel like a passenger, you're actually driving the bus ;-)
      Thanks for co-hosting!

  9. dIEDRE ~

    >>... I am happiest when I’m writing. I’m even happy when stuck at a pivotal crossroads; one make-or-break decision away from almost home (The End)

    Based on what you wrote above, would I be correct then in assuming that often (sometimes?) you start writing your stories without a clear foreknowledge of where it's all going to go and how it's all going to wind up? If so, that sounds pretty exciting, and maybe even a bit risky.

    >>... Question everything

    Ha! It's like you know me! I'm not from Missouri, but there's definitely a "show me" streak in me. I need to see the evidence for everything and then decide for myself.

    But along the same lines, however from an almost 180-degree different view, I also learned (circa 1987? '88?) not to dismiss too hastily something that may see outrageous on its surface. I was listening to a radio program one night and some woman told a story that struck me as preposterous in the the extreme. I laughed it off and mentally categorized that woman as a crackpot or entirely delusional.

    Some years later I came to the realization that the "crazy" story that woman told on the radio that night was well within the realm of possibility. From that experience, I promised myself to never reject something, no matter how ridiculous it may initially seem, until I had at least intellectually honestly examined whatever evidence the person might have to present to support their claim.

    >>... It’s Children’s Book Week! Have you one you’d like to mention? Do you have a childhood favorite?

    Well, dIEDRE, you already know what mine are. There's also a children's book manuscript I wrote about a hundred lifetimes ago, titled 'The Misadventures Of Muddy, A Dirty Yellow Dawg'. I kind of like that one, too, but it's no 'Pooh' or 'Toad'.

    >>... Do you celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

    I'm a mutt (Irish, German, Scottish, and a trace of Mohawk) but I don't have any Mexican blood in me. Nevertheless, Mexican food is muy bueno - #1! - add a bottle or two of Modelo Negra, and I'm in some form of heaven.

    >>... Don’t forget to call your mom on Sunday ;-)

    She's already gone ahead of me, to that Place where the Mexican food and beer is even better. But I'm contemplating a poem to post for Mother's Day / my Ma's Birthday (May 13th). I'll come up with something, as promised.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. Howdy, Stephen T.!

      As intriguing as “Risky writing” sounds, I think I’ll leave that to journalists ;-) I don’t mind not knowing the ending as I first begin a story, long as I have an idea of where it’s going. Getting there is half the fun ;-)

      Now I am curious about the story the woman told on the radio! Shades of “War of the Worlds”?

      I hope you plan on dusting off your “Muddy” manuscript one day.

      Did you know Americans spend more money on Cinco de Mayo celebrations than Mexico does? It’s always been a popular holiday here in my town, where there are more people who love hot Mexican food and ice-cold beer than those who don’t. I’ve known mid-westerners who struggle with the language but can still make mean pots of spicy frijoles ;-)

      So many of us now must face that empty place at the table, the silenced hum or pop of spearmint gum. I was taught they never really leave us if we hold them our hearts. I believe it’s true, and I find it such a comfort.

      If you write that poem, your mom will know, my friend. If you write that poem, I hope you’ll share it ;-)

  10. I agree, rejections are always a bummer! Ooh, children's book week! One of my previous A to Z themes was my favourite children's books :p

    1. Hi Deniz!
      You had quite an original AtoZ theme this year. Hope you enjoyed ;-)


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