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Friday, September 18, 2020

Sapphire Tides and September

Hey, hi!

Here it is the first month of autumn, and the only sign that the season actually intends to arrive this year is the early appearance of migratory Lesser Long-nosed bats.  Having followed the “nectar trail” from Mexico to Arizona, I guess it’s only fitting that they sneak around in the dark, slurping hummingbird feeders till they’re empty, leaving their own trail of nectar on the patio floor in their wake. Interestingly, if we take the hanging feeders down and leave them on the table at night – still in plain sight – the bats won’t touch them. I think it upsets the hummers, though. They’re a bit testy in the mornings if we don’t hang the feeders back up in time for breakfast ;-)

The excessive heat has evidently bothered even the snakes this year, as every other day or so, new skin is shed and left near our front door. While this has unnerved more than one delivery person, I’m wondering where all these naked snakes are hanging out.

In answer to the question I asked in my website blog, my sister brought up a September song I simply can’t get out of my head!  Let’s see if anyone else brings it up.

Sir George Ivan “Van” Morrison will reportedly release three new songs targeting COVID restrictions in the coming weeks. I like his style, and at least he’s not throwing bricks through storefront windows.

Local musician J.D. Loveland has founded Zoom Entertainment Network, which offers an impressive alternative for live concerts with what he calls “Zoomcerts.”

Author Dean Koontz is in the spotlight of late. Not because he’s good, but because he’s so good he might even have predicted our current pandemic in his 1981 novel “The Eyes of Darkness.” While ardent fans, including myself, highly doubt that assertion, I wish I could remember who I lent my copy to so I could read it again.  I read “Devoted” earlier this year and thoroughly enjoyed it.

According to Goodreads, I’ve read fifteen books this year, plus two they don’t even know about. I’m sure glad they keep track ;-)

I’ve done something else as well. Something I’ve meant to do, and have hinted at for some time now – what a year it’s been, huh? – Anyway, I figure “Read an Ebook Day” is as good a day as any to announce the release of my latest (YA) book, “
Sapphire Tides” Read all about it here if you like.  

If you have a favorite September song, book, or movie - or thoughts on anything I've rambled on about, feel free to share!


  1. Hi Diedre - congratulations ... love the name Sapphire TIdes - good luck with it . All the best - Hilary

  2. Hi, diedre!

    At bedtime last night I was pleasantly surprised to find something new from you in my blog list. With the first Wednesday of the month several weeks away, I was curious to read your post and find out what's going on. It was late, however, and so I decided to sleep on it. I hope I didn't get it wrinkled. :)

    Arriving first thing in the morning, I have discovered that congratulations are in order because September is "Shameless Promotion Month"
    :) and your new YA mystery book Sapphire Tides, has gone to market. I agree with Hilary that you picked an intriguing title, and the cover art further enhances the sense of mystery and excitement. The blurb has me interested because I am enamored of beach towns.

    While it has been too dry out West, here in Florida we are experiencing what I believe is the wettest summer on record. Our property has deep puddles that remain in place week after week, preventing the lawn guy from doing his job. He will soon need to use a machete instead of a mower to hack his way through the jungle. I wish it would rain diamonds!

    Mrs. Shady and I enjoyed visiting the show cave at Carlsbad Caverns National Park and studying the 17 species of bats that inhabit the park.

    I would say that my favorite September song is just that - the pop standard "September Song" - as covered by my hometown heroes The Magnificent Men on their album The World of Soul.

    I wish you all the best with your new book, dear friend diedre. Enjoy your weekend and I hope to see you again soon!

    1. Hi Shady!

      Thanks for checking me out at and for popping in so early on a Saturday ;-)

      I hadn't in mind to use tides in the title at all until a reader remarked on what a central role they played in the weaving of the story.

      Don't you wish we could swap weather conditions for a week or so?

      The last time I visited Karchner Caverns, the "Big Room" was being used a bat maternity ward and was closed to the public. Claustrophobe that I am, I wasn't sorry to cut the visit short ;-)

      Nice "September Song" by the Magnificent Men. I don't think I've heard it before. Are you related to Max? The song my sister suggested is "September Morn" by Neil Diamond. You might say it's been a little like "diamond rain" for me of late, as Neil's crooning of a song I'd all but forgotten sounds uncannily like my father.

      I'll be by to visit soon, my friend.
      Have a great week!

  3. Congratulations!
    I'd be a bit nervous with so many snakes near my house. Especially in Arizona, where you know they are rattlesnakes.
    Interesting the bats won't land to drink.

    1. Howdy, Captain!

      Thank you ;-)

      I am nervous about the snakes. The fact that we have at least one Bull snake hanging around is small consolation, considering the amount of rattlers he might be defending us from - yikes.

      I'm guessing the bats don't like their wings constricted by hard surfaces (?).

      Have a terrific week!


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