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Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Moon Shadowed

Welcome Readers and fellow Writers, to the April 2019 online meeting of the Insecure Writer’s Support Group! Founded by author Alex Cavanaugh and comprised of writing members just like you (and me), featuring writing tips, resources, articles, contests, and IWSG swag! See what we’re all talking about here and join us as we share our writing journeys.
*We meet on the first Wednesday of every month – join us and enjoy!

Visit our gracious Co-hosts, and let them know you’re here:  J.H. Moncrieff, Natalie Aguirre, Patsy Collins, and Chemist Ken!

April is National Poetry Month! 

Did you know the oldest American picture book is still in print? That’s right, and it’s all about cats!  While there are probably millions of newer books in circulation, the point is that good old fashioned print books still beat out E-books every time at story time. As I recall, the turning of a page was as exciting as what might be on the next – before the age of Kindle; which, by the way, is also a term for a group of kittens by the same cat mom ;-)

The optional IWSG question of the month is: “If you could use a wish to help you write one scene/chapter of your book, which one would it be?”  My wish would be to interview a hypnotist, and I think that’s just what I’ll do – thanks for asking!

Best wishes to all who’ve signed up for the 10th annual April A to Z Challenge! Having participated in a few, I can honestly say it is one of the most exhilarating (as well as rewarding), and all around fun writing exercises, I’ve ever experienced. In fact, I’d planned to sign-up for this year’s challenge, even bragged about it months in advance, before an old antagonist appeared with other plans.
See, for over half my life I’ve been followed by a Moonshadow (my way of making light of an often dark situation). In reality, it’s called Epilepsy, which is normally kept in check with medication. If you’ve ever tried to run under water you can understand why (for this challenge, anyway) my participation will consist of reading as many posts as time allows between clarity, work, and pharmaceutically induced inertia ;-) There are still 3 more days to sign up

Just so ya know, my theme for this year’s challenge would have been Unique Destinations such as:

Happy Writing, Everyone!

Do you have a favorite poem? Have you written a poem you’d like to share? What is the most unique destination you’ve ever had?


  1. Hi, diedre!

    I would love to page through that picture book about cats. Forgive me if we have discussed this previously, but I have noticed that animals of all types were typically drawn more accurately in the past than they are today. In recent decades the trend in illustration has been toward rendering animals in a cute, whimsical fashion, as if it will help the young reader to have a greater appreciation and less instinctive fear of animals. The transformation of the cartoon character Woody Woodpecker is a good tutorial on the subject. You and I have also discussed the many ways a real book beats an electronic reader hands down. These include the ability to turn the pages and hear the subtle white noise made in the process, feeling the shape, weight, mass and texture of the book in your hands, smelling its aroma and admiring the cover art first hand rather than from a flat screen picture.

    I hope you get the opportunity to interview a hypnotist. I am sure it will be instructive to separate fact from myth and offer tools you can use to induce a trance through choice of words and syntax in your writing.

    I am very sorry to learn that you are plagued with Epilepsy, diedre, and that it caused you to shelve plans to join this year's A to Z. Your Unique Destinations theme is interesting. Just a thought, if you can't participate in the hop this year, then why don't you write the 26 posts at your leisure throughout 2019? That way you will have them finished and ready to post in next year's Challenge?

    Take care of yourself and enjoy the rest of your week, dear friend diedre!

    1. Hi Shady!

      Thank you for coming by ;-) I wasn’t sure I’d actually be able to find the book “A Million Cats”, but sure enough, Amazon has it for around $15. I always enjoyed watching my daughter’s little fingers point to each animal or flower in a picture book as if she were the first to discover it.

      The notion of entrancing through words on a page is compelling ;-) But first I’d like to be sure I haven’t taken too many liberties with facts by way of speculative fiction, especially since my characters are experiencing something much deeper than smoking cessation ;-) Fingers crossed!

      Aw, the old moonshadow ain’t nothing but a ‘thang’, albeit embarrassing. I may just take your suggestion to heart since I was so close to finishing all the A-Z posts. By the way, I think I fixed the problem with the link to my C post.

      Have a wonderful week, dear Shady – I’ll be visiting again soon!

  2. How awesome that the first picture book is still in print. That's amazing.

    Sorry that you are not feeling well. My late husband had chronic lung problems so I know how debilitating chronic conditions can be.

    1. Hi Natalie!

      “A Million Cats” was first published in 1928! Pretty cool, huh?

  3. Sorry your moonshadow is giving you trouble right now.
    Didn't know that's what Kindle meant - now I've learned something.

    1. HiYa Captain!

      I couldn’t resist throwing that in – I just love funfacts!

  4. I would have enjoyed your "Unique Destinations" theme. Your link to your C example doesn't work, but those names are pretty strange.

    I used to write a lot of poetry and I would say that the song lyrics I've been writing certainly count as poetry. I've thought about doing a poetry theme during April. Maybe one day...

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hi Arlee!

      I think I fixed the problem with the link to my C post! Not sure what I’ll do about the apparent hole in my marble bag – ha!

      Oh, I totally agree that (most) song lyrics are poetry – especially yours. A-Z Poetry is a terrific idea!

      Can’t wait to read your A to Z posts, I’m sure they’ll be fascinating ;-)

  5. Howdy, dIEDRE ~

    I'm sorry to hear you have a "Moonshadow". When I saw that word come up in the title, I was expecting to find something here about Cat Stevens. Instead it was about an old cat book... and epilepsy. Well, one never really knows. "A surprise in every post!"

    So, I gotta ask... Why the interest in interviewing a hypnotist? Have you ever been hypnotized?

    I've written some stuff that rhymed. Not sure if it was actually "poetry", though.

    ~ D-FensDogG

    1. Hi there, Stephen T!

      Thanks for stopping by so soon "off the road" ;-)

      I admire Cat Stevens for writing a song that reminds me to look on the bright side, as things could always be worse.

      Why a Hypnotist? Having never been quite convinced that mind/thought manipulation could actually be achieved (without drugs, of course), I’ve always been curious, so much so that I’ve used the concept in a story with a remarkable ending that may, or may not, be plausible. Since, this is a work of fiction and not a fairy tale I’d like an ‘expert’ opinion ;-)

      You've "written stuff that rhymed"? Poetry doesn't have to rhyme. Given your talent for ardent expression I'd say you're a poet who leaves an impression.

      Happy Refrains!

    2. Thanks for answering my question, dIEDRE. And that was a very interesting response. So, your interview with a hypnotist would actually be writerly research. I applaud your dedication to "getting it right".

      >>... Poetry doesn't have to rhyme.

      Oh, don't I know it.
      The notebook that contains all of my old "poetry" is titled:

      'Roses Are Red,
      Violets Are Blue,
      Some Of My Poetry
      Doesn't Rhyme'

      ~ D-FensDogG
      'Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...'

    3. Yep ;-) And you have to start somewhere, right?
      Here's an excerpt from one of my "attempts":

      Restored to the canyon; a rangeland in waste,
      The Bighorns soon wander endangered
      As Mountain cats feast and famine soon sates
      Before being slaughtered by Rangers

    4. Very nicely done, dIEDRE!

      But then I would expect you to be able to write high quality poetry, because just your everyday writing is not "everyday". You naturally write in a way that includes wordplay that has a poetic flair to it.

      You're definitely a wordsmith.

      ~ D-FensDogG
      'Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...'

    5. Well then. Now I'm speechless. Thank you, Stephen T!


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