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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Can They Hear Us?

 My mind tends to wander along the roads between now and when, where I am and will be. And sometimes I have the strangest thoughts…

For instance, who knew Fishermen are superstitious? 

Sailors who wear earrings or tattoos will not drown

Bananas on a boat are very bad luck

90 percent of the fish are caught by 10 percent of the fishermen

They do not talk while fishing because the fish can hear you (!)

Apache Trout are only found in Arizona

And, speaking of Arizona,

After the kidnapping, rape and brutal beating of a young Phoenix woman, the conviction of one of Arizona’s most notable criminals was set aside by the Supreme Court Justice Dept. (June 1966) because he hadn’t been properly advised of his rights. The name of the defendant was Ernesto Miranda.  Arizona successfully retried and convicted him once again – without a confession. Upon his release on parole, Miranda sold autographed Miranda warning cards for $1.50 each.

And then on March 13, 1997, as witnessed by hundreds of people, there was an unexplained incident that not even the governor could explain, called the “Lights Over Phoenix

I think I need further research on the superstitious fishermen notion ;-) Are you superstitious? Do you think fishermen are? Have you seen any proof that an acorn placed on a windowsill keeps lightning out?

In the meantime, enjoy the holiday weekend and Happy trails!


  1. Wow--so that's why sailors have tattoos? Who knew it was just to save their lives?! My husband fishes and he's weird about everything having to be quiet. I really don't think the fish are scared away by a little talking, but I guess fishermen know best!

    1. Hi Stephanie!
      I can't believe they hear us. Yet, when you look at their eyes when they're looking at you...;-)
      I was mildly surprised that my hubs actually agreed with some of these - ha!

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  3. Hi Diedre - extraordinary .. though I do know fishermen are superstitious - they certainly are here in Cornwall. Superstitions have been around for so long - I think it depends on you ... as such. I'm not that superstitious - being born on the 13th! Black cats - love them, I avoid walking under ladders - that paint pot might tip! Cheers Hilary

    1. Hi Hilary!
      Born on the 13th sounds deliciously defiant - good for you! I would have been a good candidate for superstition had I not seen it proved wrong so often. It's just as well, I suppose. But it sure does tickle me when someone else believes;-)
      I adore cats in general and have had more than one black cat sprawl across my desk. I'm hesitant to even climb a ladder unless I absolutely have to - let alone walk beneath one. Like you, I'm simply being cautious (grin).
      Thanks for coming by, dear Hilary. I'll be enjoying your lovely posts in the days to come!

  4. Hi, Diedre!

    As soon as a I went to bed I remembered that I neglected to check the date on the Miranda story and therefore my comment didn't make any sense as written. Problems with dates and times seem to be the theme today. :) The most amazing thing about the story of Miranda, the convicted kidnapper and rapist set free on a technicality because he was not read his rights, the case which led to the now famous safeguards being entered into law, is that he profited from the mistake made by the state of Arizona by peddling his autograph on cards bearing the warning instituted in the wake of his botched conviction.

    Your post is dated last Thursday, but it just showed up in my stream last night. In a related instance of time warp, when I checked the official date and time website upon which I have relied for years, it was a day behind and the time was completely wrong! Strange phenomena are occurring, dear friend! :)

    I enjoyed your list of fishermen and sailor superstitions.

    << Sailors who wear earrings or tattoos will not drown >>

    The only reason I wear earrings is because they go nicely with my black evening gown!

    << Bananas on a boat are very bad luck. >>

    I never heard that bananas on a boat are bad luck. I have heard that a woman on a boat is bad luck (especially one who's bananas :).

    << 90 percent of the fish are caught by 10 percent of the fishermen. >>

    I have my own version of this one. 90 percent of the fish stories told by the 10 percent of the fishermen who catch 90 percent of the fish - are whoppers. :)

    << Apache Trout are only found in Arizona. >>

    According to an Ian Ziering movie series I've been watching, sharks are likely to be found on the streets of Los Angeles and New York following tornadoes. :)

    Reports of UFO sightings excite me as much as ghost encounters and I wish I could experience either phenomenon first hand.

    Thank you very much for another delightful, entertaining and informative post, dear friend Diedre!

    1. Hi Shady!
      I'm glad someone else detected a glitch too, I was afraid it was just me. I did schedule this to post Thursday and not immediately, as it did. (?)
      Your comments never cease to interest and amuse, my friend;-) You've provided plenty of giggles for the second half of the trip - thanks!
      I really wanted to expound on the Lights Over Phoenix, but ran out of time.
      I knew a seasoned fisherman who always packed hard-boiled eggs (no bananas!), I wonder if that was a ploy to keep women off his boat?
      Gads, I could almost believe your thoughts on sharks after tornadoes! Speaking of weather, I do hope you guys are staying dry where you are.
      Thanks again, dear Shady!

    2. We're not exactly staying dry but we are far enough south to avoid the rough stuff. Thanks for thinking of us, dear friend!

  5. Not talking while you are fishing makes sense.

    I'm not particularly superstitious. However I do follow my gut a lot. I don't think you can underestimate your subconscious.

    I've had a lot of luck with being ignorant. One time I paused because I was distracted when I purchased a house. The realtor took that as reluctance and reduced the earnest money deposit. Dumb luck helps.

    1. Hi Ann!
      Once I realized the 'rules', I took a book to read while hubs was fishing. When seasickness set in I decided reading on shore was much more agreeable;-)
      Luck being ignorant - ha! I do believe there is truth to that:-)
      I'm with you on following gut feelings, I've never regretted doing so.
      Thanks so much for coming by, Ann

  6. i love this post - no, i am not superstitious, but i was taught not to speak when fishing - while the fish do not "hear" the noise - they feel the vibrations that are not natural and stay away. I like the comment about women on boat (esp if they are bananas), but never heard that bananas were bad luck. I have seen things un identified in the sky (UFOs) and it tells me there is much in the universe we simply do not know!

    1. Thank you, Brite Mist!
      You make a great point about vibrations. I would think it impossible to catch any fish where speed boats are used.
      My friend Shady sure is amusing, isn't he?
      I enjoy UFO stories almost as much as dusty old ghost towns!

  7. Interesting to learn where some of these superstitions come from. I always wondered about those "Miranda Rights" mentioned on U.S. cop shows. Thanks for clearing that up. I'm glad the lowlife was convicted anyway! Those Phoenix lights gave me pause. I saw the exact same thing in Switzerland in 1968! There was no explanation given. I do believe it's possible there are other forms of intelligent life in the universe. Have a good weekend!

    1. Hi Debbie!
      I was relieved that Miranda was convicted at last. I was stunned that they had a confession and were still willing to let him go.
      When there is a sighting such as Lights over Phoenix there are often reports of sightings elsewhere - clear across the world. Isn't it fascinating?

  8. So...I can't eat a banana on a boat? I like bananas. But I have a tattoo, so if I ate a banana and something happened, at least I wouldn't drown. Right? I can definitely wear earrings if that'll really help. ;)

    1. Hi Chrys!
      I think you're right about the tattoo ;-) My biggest problem is being that close to someone for extended time and not being able to talk - it drives me nuts! My humming is unacceptable as well so I guess I should just eat a banana!

  9. I've never been superstitious but I find superstitions to be very interesting.

    1. Hi Kelly!
      Oh yes, I love finding out why and how superstitions get started. Sometimes the reasons are quite logical, others are just plain silly, but fun:-)

  10. Hey Diedre,

    I know, it took me 11 days to get here. Either I'm lazy or what the heck, I'll pretend I'm got real sloooooowwww internet :)

    Aha, so the fish listen? Nope, I shall refrain from any fish jokes, just for the halibut. Besides, I'd start to flounder very quickly. Yep, I'll clam up now.


    1. Hi Gary!

      Ha! I'm glad to see the travel trials haven't dampened your contagious good spirit and humor :-)
      I wonder what the fish think of all the whopper fish stories...

  11. I try not to be too superstitious, but if I spill salt I might throw a bit over my shoulder and say "Salt, salt, malt, malt, bad luck stay away" because I read that in a book. Can't remember which one though.

  12. Hi Tamara!
    I hadn't heard the chant before, but hubs is always tossing salt or knocking on wood. If a roadrunner crosses the road in front of you, you're supposed to go the other way, though sometimes it's just not possible to get to work that way ;-)


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