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Sunday, May 8, 2016

When Nature Recruits...

When nature recruits, she beckons, perhaps on a moonlit night, when fireflies buzz in beguiling dance beside sparkling streams waving as satin ribbons to the rhythm of your heart. And all at once you’ve accepted one of the most coveted lifelong positions ever sought. For endless days and dreamless nights, emotions that swell with the tides, come assurances whispered on westerly winds; as tears dry in chorales of laughter, of unequaled return liberally dispensed in the form of undying love. The title is Mom, and this is my tribute to all who have been, all whom we’ve known, and all who may apply. 

~ diedre

Happy Mother’s Day!


  1. Hi, dear Diedre!

    Now THAT'S a piece of writing! I don't know how you do it, (I certainly couldn't), and I salute you for being such a gifted wordsmith. By the time I leave here after absorbing the eloquent poetry and prose that springs forth from your mind, I am shaken and stirred, misty-eyed and lost in thought.

    Back east where I came from (whence I came?), we called them "lightning bugs" instead of fireflies. However one of my favorite oldies which was very popular in the mid-Atlantic region, includes a reference to fireflies:

    Look around you -
    There's a rainbow in that watermelon sky
    And the twinkling of a million fireflies.

    ("Happy Summer Days" by Ronnie Dove)

    Thank you very much, dear friend Diedre, and Happy Mother's Day to you!

    1. Hi, dear Shady!

      Your kind words are indeed encouraging as I know that too much sap can spoil the soup and some folks shy away.

      I like the term lightning bugs:-) I haven't heard that song you mention but I certainly plan on it. It sounds beautiful!

      Thank you for the wishes;-) It was a double-day for me as it was also my birthday and my family made it wonderful:-)

      Have an outstanding week, my friend:-)

    2. Happy birthday to you, dear Diedre! Are you old enough to vote this year? :)

    3. Ha! Someday I will relent and post a picture of myself from the current century;-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you, Barbara:-) By your last post I can tell your Mother's Day was wonderful, that's how it should be;-)


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