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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Friends of the Famous - Z

ReneeZellweger was still in college and intending to bring home a cat from the local shelter when a collie-golden retriever mix bounded from within a jumble of kittens and puppies to rest his little head on her foot. The dog basically named himself, she says of Dylan, by preferring to take his puppy-naps on the face of Bob Dylan, featured on a Rolling Stone magazine cover.  Later, with no formal dance or voice training, Zellweger learned what she needed to know for the stage production of Chicago during ten months of rigorous training and by watching her co-star Catherine Zeta-Jones, who by the way, has her own furry sidekick (a Coton de Tulear) named Figaro, who likes things his way. For instance, a ramp is brought in because ‘Figgy’ refuses to climb stairs and an impetuous spirit once prompted him to bark during one of Zeta-Jones’ performances of “Bring in The Clowns”! 

After a little more than two years training together, Marine Cpl. Jose Armenta and a German shepherd service dog named Zenit served in Afghanistan. As a team they worked ahead of their troops, identifying IED’s – except for the one Jose stepped on.  Waking up back in the states, Jose was dismayed to find that Zenit had been given another handler and re-deployed. While many wounded soldiers seek separation and closure, Jose felt incomplete.  Between many surgeries and throughout a lengthy recovery, Jose filed paperwork and petitions necessary for the retrieval of his canine friend.  When at last Jose picked Zenit up at the base, a three hour drive from home, the dog had no problem recognizing Jose in his wheelchair and drenched him with wet kisses.

In case you’ve ever wondered how a Zoo doctor’s day might go, Denise Rodgers has a few thoughts:

The Elephant Has a Bad Earache
The elephant has a bad earache.
The centipede stubbed all his toes.
The giraffe has developed a nasty sore throat
and the rhino can't breathe through his nose.

The mockingbird has an unclear ache.
The lion's so hoarse he can't roar.
The hog cannot eat, as his tummy's upset
and the parrot can't talk anymore.

The doe has a pain in the deer ache.
Just what should the beast doctor do?
The duck is so sick she can't possibly float.
It's a really bad day at the zoo.
by Denise Rodgers

Has a pet ever embarrassed you? Would you have kept Zenit too? When is the last time you visited a Zoo?

A to Z complete - Yay!
Thanks, everyone!


  1. Hi, dear Diedre!

    I enjoyed the tale about Renee Zellweger's dog and how he came by his name Dylan. Just think. If the dog had routinely rested his head on the cover of Mad Magazine his name would have been Alfred E. Neuman! :)

    I remember the story of the wounded soldier reuniting with the bomb sniffing dog Zenit. Unlike some people, a dog won't reject you and will keep on loving you even if you develop a disability.

    I enjoyed the cute zoo poem! People's dogs have embarrassed me by poking me in the groin with their snouts or by dancing with my leg. :) My Yorkie, Thomas' English Muffin, used to get so excited when I'd come through the door that she'd start peeing. As she danced around in circles at my feet, her "piddler" sometimes wound up above my shoes and she gave them a good sprinkling. :)

    Thank you for a very entertaining month of posts, dear friend Diedre!

    1. Hi Shady!

      Alfred E. Neuman - ha! It could happen;-)

      I found it touching that the Cpl. was determined to keep the dog and the bond they shared in spite of and no matter what else happened.

      Your not alone with being the uncomfortable object of canine curiosity:-) Aw, sweet Muffin was evidently always glad to see you! You know you're really something when a dog loves you.
      Thank you, my friend, for popping in each day - this terrific challenge manages to keep more than just the daily bloggers busy, doesn't it?
      Have a truly wonderful week!

  2. It's been a while since I've been to the zoo, I would really like to go back soon and take lots of picture. I really liked the Zoo poem. so cute.

    1. Hi Jeffrey!
      I usually visit the zoo at least once a year with my little people. I think the only thing better would be to see the animals in the wild:-)
      Okay, most of them. Well, some of them - ha!
      Glad you liked Denise's poem, I thought it was delightful!

  3. Celebrities and their pets! I guess they take their dogs along with them on movie shoots, since they're on location for months at a time?

    1. Hi Stephanie!
      Yes, it would seem that some actors do take their pets everywhere with them. I'm surprised they can, but then it's showbiz, right?
      Enjoy a well-earned rest!

  4. Great post! Congratulations on completing the A to Z Challenge. I'll be back!
    That's Purrfect
    Around My Kitchen Table

    1. Thank you! I'll be visiting you and Carlton as well;-)

  5. Z is sometimes tough but you nailed it!

    Aw. I love Zenit. He's a great dog and that story was heartwarming.

  6. Z is sometimes tough but you nailed it!

    Aw. I love Zenit. He's a great dog and that story was heartwarming.

    1. Hi Chrys!
      Would you believe this year I was the toughest letter for me? Ha!
      I loved Zenit's story too. I doubt I'll ever forget the valor of both 'soldiers'.
      Good to see you, Chrys!


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