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Friday, January 1, 2016


The last sunset of the year exemplified the discordant vibrations emanating from below; where a man with a phone and a pen once again sneaks in baggage while Claim Check is closed, an American fugitive receives refuge in a country rife with corruption, while entire communities shun police protection in preference of lawless freedom. 

Would you recommend confiscating the pen, shutting the door and using more Tasers?

Ages ago, we seemed to get a lot more accomplished.  It‘s been one hundred and fifty three years since President Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, yet to this day there are equality protests by folks a hundred years too young to have voted. Evidently, equal rights aren’t enough for one group, which seeks persecution of all who do not conform to their way; such as bakers forced out of business and officials going to jail for performing the duties they were elected to do.

Whatever happened to live and let live?

And what better time than the first day of the year could there be for introductions; as in 1919 when Edsel Ford assumed control of his father’s Motor Company and increased the daily wage to $6.00? There were also somber announcements; in 1942 all production of consumer vehicles was ordered stopped in order to devote all productivity to war vehicles, and The Beatles were turned down in favor of the Tremeloes after an audition with Decca Records. Ellis Island opened on January 1st (1892), as did Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary in 1934.  Three years later we began a program called Old Age Pension, whereby a tax on wages accrued benefits for retirement. These days, it seems this hard-earned entitlement is widely misconstrued.  

But we had a lot of fun as well; with the advent of television, Mickey Mouse was an immediate boon to an industry poised to explode on a clamoring public. Pay-per-view movies were introduced on the first day of 1951 and for some reason not released for mass viewing for another 45 years! 

One thing is certain: as long as we still can, writers will never run out of subject matter. These are things I’ve been thinking about as a brand new year begins. Strange, huh? 

So, what are you thinking about? Did you end the year on a good note? Do you have high hopes for this one? 

Happy 2016 Everyone! Or let’s at least give it a good try and just say Yes-today!

Western trivia: In the critically acclaimed mini-series Lonesome Dove, during a thunderstorm early on in the cattle drive, the cattle are all struck by lightning as it was conducted to each one by the tips of their horns. This is an actual, natural phenomenon called ‘St. Elmo’s fire’.


  1. Hi, dear Diedre!

    You've got a lot on your mind heading into 2016. Thank you for the history lesson listing major milestones and introductions that occurred on the first day of the year.

    As this year begins I am in a much better frame of mind than I was a few months ago. Mrs. Shady and I spent Christmas with our baby grandson and last night at midnight we welcomed in the new year viewing a spectacular fireworks display near our residence. On the blogging front I have taken necessary steps to trim the roster and put an end to dysfunctional relationships that were bringing me down and consuming far too much of my time last year. This year I will be setting aside more time to be with family and simply live my own life. I am very grateful that you have chosen to follow me into the new year and I look forward to all the sharing and caring that we have in store for each other.

    I can see a new horizon underneath the blazin' sky
    I'll be where the eagle's flying higher and higher
    Gonna be your man in motion, all I need is a pair of wheels
    Take me where the future's lyin', St. Elmo's fire

    1. Hello, dear Shady!
      Yes, I'm often told I think too much - ha!
      I'm surprised you didn't comment on the "Silence is Golden" boys. Always loved the song but I'm not sure they were the first to record it. I bet Decca Records regretted that decision ;-)
      I didn't get a chance to comment but you sure cracked me up with that "Frost-free" quip! I've officially named him that and will try to remember to post a pic of the poor fella.
      Sounds like you've wisely chosen a smoother path for the year, good. You're sure to enjoy it so much more and I, for one, am looking forward to your posts, including the added intrigue of having Mrs. Shady on board as well! You just can't get more unique than that! :-)
      Thanks for reminding me of the St. Elmo's Fire song, I'd truly don't know how I'd forgotten it.
      Until again, my friend :-)

    2. Hi again, dear Diedre!

      It was surprising to learn that Decca signed Brian Poole and the Tremeloes and rejected the Beatles. You got me curious with that tidbit and I read more about it. Apparently the record company went with the Tremeloes because the group was conveniently located - based in the London area -whilst the future Fab Four lived farther away in Liverpool. At least Decca got the Stones.

      I'm happy to know I gave you a chuckle with my "Frost-free the Snowman" idea. :)

      Thanks for the kind words about my blogging journey. You can always tell when somebody likes you and wants a real friendship and when they don't. You and I have a great thing going here, our own mutual admiration society. I feel totally relaxed and at home when I correspond with you. I don't have that easy feeling with some of the other people and I actually had a falling out with a bunch of followers in the second half of last year. As I mentioned in one of my replies, I am done playing the numbers game, knocking myself out trying to see how many followers I can attract and how many comments I can reap. I would much rather have a few good friends that I truly admire - genuine folks like you, Diedre.

      I'm glad I triggered fond memories of the Brat Pack and their movie St. Elmos' Fire and the theme song "Man In Motion."

      God bless, dear friend!

  2. Nice history lesson here, Deidre. :) Happy New Year to you! I know this will be a good one.

    1. Hi Lisa!
      Happy New Year to you as well!
      I'm just a nut I guess; ghosts, history...I'm fascinated how it all connects to the here and now.
      I love your optimism and look forward to following your posts:-)

  3. Amazing that The Beatles were turned down...and most of us, I assume, have never heard of The Tremeloes. Proof that sometimes the most revolutionary ideas take a while to be accepted. It's easier to go along with the status quo, but that never makes a big splash.

    1. Hi Stephanie! And Happy New Year :-)
      I understand the Tremeloes went on performing for many years, though I couldn't have said who they were - even loving the song 'Silence is Golden' as much as I did!
      I agree, status quo not only doesn't splash but comes quite close to boring, at least in terms of creativity. Thank goodness for time, huh?

  4. Nice history lesson. I never knew so much happened on January 1st throughout history, but it makes sense. It is the day to do things.

    As long as the world is crazy and beaytiful, writers will always find inspiration. ;)

    Happy New Year!!!!

    1. And to think we have Julius Caesar to thank for New Year's Day! He thought the Roman god of doors and gates, Janus, who had two faces, front and back, would make a perfect month! He was right about looking forward and back, I guess;-)

  5. Those are some fascinating historical facts. Thanks for sharing them, Diedre. The Beatles were turned down for The Tremeloes? They were pretty good, but still! Thanks to Shady for the explanation why.
    I always thought "St. Elmo's Fire" was just a movie, so that bit of western trivia was especially cool. Your posts are always interesting and I'm looking forward to more in the new year. Cheers!

    1. Glad to have you along on my nutty journey of historical trivia and ghostly thoughts! I may not blog as much as I'd like (don't tell, but I've resolved to finish two WIPs by summer!)but I do look forward to posts by great folks like you:-)


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