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Thursday, September 11, 2014

One Nation. My Country.

It’s a scary world, some say. But I disagree. It’s the people who are scary. The world goes on as it always has—and always will. It’s the scary people who determine the extent of destruction, the slaughter of innocents and the shredded lives of those left behind.

The profoundly senseless, unwarranted attack on our county thirteen years ago affected each and every American in some way; fathomless grief, rage, and resolute determination to rise up and rebuild. But what struck me the most was the immediate sense of unity that resulted. We and Us and Our were commonly spoken words on the streets and airwaves even as a few constricting measures were implemented in order to ensure the security and sovereignty of this extraordinary “Land of the Free”.

On this day of solemn remembrance it is my hope that we rekindle that same unity to stand together against divisiveness and rise above the terror that now exists within our own nation.  Only then can we ever hope to once again treasure the freedom and respect afforded to the most powerful country on earth—America. One Nation. Under God.  Indivisible.

God bless America!

diedre Knight

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